Newsletter 20 march 2014

With pleasure we present the results of the 2013 benchmark of the Cleaner Car Contracts Coalition. The leasing companies – and therefore also their clients -  have once again proven that fuel-efficient cars are popular and that they are already able to outperform the European standard for passenger cars of 130 g/km by 2015.


With an average score of 110.3  g/km they have performed even better than what they signed for in their Cleaner Car Contract for 2014, of which the goals were  set at 113  g/km for new passenger fleets with a Gold contract and 120 g/km in case of a Silver contract. We congratulate all participants of Cleaner Car Contracts with this performance!


Newsletter 18 december 2013

Cleaner Car Contracts reached an important milestone in 2013, when at the end of November the European Council agreed to a lower CO2 standard for 2020. In that year 95% of all new cars will be permitted to emit 95 g/km of CO2, with the standard applying to 100% of new cars in the following year.


This is less ambitious than the goal for which 77 companies, 6 NGOs in the coalition, consumer organisations and various member states had pleaded. As far as we are concerned, all new cars sold in 2020 will already comply with the standard of 95 g/km of CO2. Nevertheless we see the standard achieved as a good step in the right direction. In any case there was pressure, especially from the German car industry, to weaken and postpone the ambition even further. The efforts of the Cleaner Car Contracts coalition played an important part here. We show European policymakers that an ambitious climate policy is supported by many companies and yields considerable cost savings for companies as well as consumers.




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