Cleaner Car Contracts, in cooperation with fleet owners and leasing companies in Europe, aims to achieve more fuel efficient cars will be driving on the road. Participating fleet managers and leasing companies contribute to our objectives on sustainable fleet management. Cleaner Car Contracts supports participants in reaching these objectives. Together we reduce one of the biggest costs for European companies and create a cleaner world.

Cleaner Car Contracts was established in 2010 by five European NGO’s to accelerate sustainable mobility in Europe. By the end of 2014 we linked 60 leasing companies, fleet owners, car sharing and rental companies in a common ambition for a more fuel efficient car fleet. The program represents 10% of the leasing sector in the EU and up to 40% in The Netherlands.

All our participants bundled together, show that the demand for fuel efficient vehicles is a commercial force to be reckoned with. By choosing the cleanest cars they stimulate the market for fuel efficient cars, challenge manufacturers to innovate and accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. Excellent performers in the leasing sector are showing that current European standards for car emissions are lagging and need to become more ambitious. By doing this they make a big difference.

What we ask
Cleaner Car Contracts fleet owners and lease companies commit to pursuit objectives on fleet efficiency, transfer to alternative fuels and fuel efficiency on the road. The objectives are different per country. Fleet owners and their Cleaner Car Contracts leasing companies work closely together to reach those objectives. They share data on fleet consistency and real world fuel consumption (strictly confidential).

What we offer

  • Cleaner Car Contacts certificate for recognition and achievements.
  • Our quarterly newsletter with relevant information on sustainable fleet management and what is happening in the EU.
  • Invitation for events to meet other professionals, to discuss and share knowledge and insights on sustainable mobility.
  • Our Benchmark-report with data on average fuel consumption and fleet consistency per region and sector, so you can compare your sustainable performance.
  • Your leasing company can nominate you for Cleaner Car Contracts Mobility Awards.
  • Active participation in petitions and meetings with politicians in the EU and on national level.